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Problem solving and the quest for elegant, cost-effective solutions. It's what we live for.


Custom Production Music. Voiceover. Recording. Editing. Podcasts. Restoration. Sound Design.


Editing. Conversion. Web Integration. Noise cancellation and enhancement. E-Learning and Online Explainer Tutorials.

Brand Marketing

Fun and funky, to clean and contemporary, creative solutions for all of your photography, digital, and print marketing|branding needs.

Visual Portfolio

Graphics. Branding. Product. Vision.

Food Styling
Graphic Design

About Us and What We Do

Our mission is to find the most elegant and economical solutions for every problem, as we work to beautify and
simplify the online experience for you, your clients, and your customers. We are detail oriented, client-focused, and budget-minded folks.
Every project goes through the same filters; is it the right thing, the best thing, and in the best interest of our client. It's how we approach every job.

Our team works with dogged determination to find great, affordable, effective solutions quickly.
Contact us any time, with any question. If it's in our wheelhouse, you'll be in good hands.

Along with voiceover, custom production music, audio/video post-production, brand marketing, graphics, print, publishing and photography, we offer management and consultation services for a variety of technology specific issues.

Our Creative Team

We're Music Nuts. Photographers. Designers. Tech people. Entrepreneurs. Chefs. Foodies.
We come from a long line of small business ventures. We're owners, managers, customer service specialists.
Our core skills reflect years of experience envisioning, launching and leading some of the very best projects;
those born from dreams and humble beginnings. Making things work is what we do.


Lead A/V - Web


Lead Marketer - Branding


Lead Publishing - Graphics

Feel free to contact us any time - about any project. We're always happy to help.
Remember - when you need us - we'll be out in the shed.

Interested in being part of the team? Send us a note and tell us about yourself. We're always looking to expand.

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We're in the Eastern/NY time zone.
Send us a quick note and we'll get right back to you during normal buisness hours.
Outside normal hours you can expect a reply within 24 hours.